Our Story

Willow Green (a direct translation from the Chinese characters Liu qing) was a visionary, a role model, and the founder of the brand that bears her name. She was a challenger who proved that anything was possible. Liu Qing started her business with a simple premise: Anyone who seeks to can age gracefully.

One day in 2017, she had a meniscus tear. That was a wake-up call, deepening her understanding of how reduced mobility can diminish a person's quality of life. She consulted an orthopaedic surgeon, who advised her to have a knee replacement as the steroid injections wear off over time. Liu Qing hesitated—she wanted to seek a natural remedy.

One day, she visited a Chinese restaurant with Chen ShuCheng, a veteran Mediacorp artiste, and was privileged to be served a bowl of exquisite collagen jelly made from fish scales. The restaurant management typically reserved that dish for their chefs and service staff, whose long hours of standing took a toll on their knees. Liu Qing wanted to buy this delicacy from the restaurant, but they informed her that it was not for sale. She knew instinctively that consuming the collagen jelly could perhaps delay her knee replacement, so she embarked on a search for the recipe, hoping to make the jelly for her own consumption. She developed the product purely out of desperation, seeking a way to ease her joint pain without going under the knife.

She started experimenting with a passion, creating her own concoction in her kitchen. The results were spectacular as she was able to regain her agility within just a few weeks. In addition, there was a significant improvements in her complexion too. The health and beauty benefits of the home-brewed collagen proved to be effective not just for her but her family and friends, both older and younger who started asking her for more.

The growing demand encouraged Liu Qing to find ways to manufacture the amazing product in larger batches. She consulted with Food Innovation and Resource Centre (FIRC), a joint initiative between Singapore Polytechnic and Enterprise Singapore, and together, they developed a convenient 4,000 mg collagen. They soon discovered, however, that packaging the jelly in these sachets would require the addition of sugar and preservatives, which Liu Qing was reluctant to do. The finished product was successfully launched in 2018 under the company name Dahmeh Pte Ltd—sugar-free, odour-free, and wonderfully palatable in glass jars.

Liu Qing has pushed the boundaries, showing remarkable gumption while serving as a wife, a mother, and a loyal friend to many. Her journey of discovery to develop more flavours is ongoing.


 A game changer

 Liu Qing had an innate sense of what people wanted, and she was the consummate saleswoman and marketer. She believed that to make a sale, she had to let people taste the product. She needed to explain the benefits and show the results. That was the start of her company’s personal-touch service, from 2018 until the pandemic hit in 2020, when all events had to cease.

She did not allow any storms to diminish her determination to help more people age gracefully; she decided to use this period of time to improve the product and the users’ experience. She refused to settle for anything less than the very best, constantly challenging the status quo!

Today, we can appreciate the flowers that grew out of that stormy season—a remake of the initial fish collagen jelly. It is sugar-free. It can be used for many applications, such as broth or steamed fish or simply drunk with two spoons of honey. Mix the jelly with a flavoured effervescent tablet for a refreshing serving of collagen and vitamins. The effervescent tablets and honey are well sourced from New Zealand for the convenience of our customers who enjoy a bit of extra flavour.

Willow Green is suitable for daily consumption, but it is also an elegant, thoughtful, and authentically Singaporean gift. The attractively designed package—six glass bottles in a box—comes with a bonus tube of 20 effervescent tablets from New Zealand.