How can I place my order?

You can order through our website www.dahmeh.com at the “Shop” tab and we will contact you to make delivery arrangements. Alternatively, you can call us at 62880142 to enquire and place your order, or visit our shop at 24 Sin Ming Lane #07-103 Midview City Singapore 573970 for  cash and carry purchase. Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 10am-5pm.

Where is your product produced?

Our collagen jelly drink is developed and manufactured in Singapore. Our manufacturing facilities are HALAL, HACCP and ISO 22000 certified.

Where does your collagen come from?

We freshly extracted the collagen from fish scales through our unique process. We do not use commercially available collagen peptide. Collagen from fish scales are fat free and smaller molecular size for better absorption by the body.

How much collagen per bottle? 

With our unique collagen extraction process, laboratory test results verified collagen contents of more than 8000mg per bottle.

How frequent should I consume your collagen?

Collagen is the protein in the connective tissues of your skin, bones and muscles which the body loses naturally. We recommend you consume one bottle (8000+mg collagen) per day to replenish your body.

What ingredients did you use?

We use simple but 100% natural ingredients that are tastefully blended with our fresh collagen to produce our jelly drink. No additives, preservatives, artificial flavourings and colourings are used. Key ingredients are:

Original – pandan leaves, brown sugar
Lemongrass – pandan leaves, lemongrass, sugar
Luo Han Guo – pandan leaves, monk fruit, with no sugar

Are the sugar contents high?

We took conscious effort to avoid high sugar dosage when developing our recipe.

Based on laboratory test results, our sugar is minimum to zero:

Original (Reduced Sugar Recipe) – 6%
Lemongrass (Low Sugar Recipe) – 5%
Luo Han Guo (Sugar Free Recipe) – 0%

What is the shelf life?

Typically, shelf life is short for products that are freshly produced with 100% natural ingredients without additives and preservatives.

However, our product undergoes a “retort sterilization process” that prolongs shelf life as long as the bottle is not opened. The recommended best used date with our “retort process” products is 18 months, which is printed on the bottle and the box.

Once opened, consume the jelly drink immediately. 

Will the product be spoilt when the collagen jelly turns liquid at room temperature?

The product is naturally liquid at room temperature and becomes jelly with extended refrigeration at 3-8°C. Both liquid and jelly can be reversible, are not spoilt and can be consumed. But do take note that the collagen jelly or drink has to be consumed immediately once the bottle is opened.