Our Story

Dahmeh (达美) is a business launched by four local housewives in 2018 – Xiao Tsui (小翠), Liu Qing (柳青), Pei Ru (佩如) (former Mediacorp artiste) and Shao Ting (少婷) (former Mediacorp artiste). 

Their story began over a usual dinner gathering, and the restaurant owner brought out some homemade dessert jelly made from fish scales. This was the first time they were being introduced to fish scales. Through further conversation, they realised the cooking of fish scale and making it into marine collagen jelly was in fact a very old traditional recipe that was great for the maintenance of skin, bones, and joints. 

One of them decided to explore this recipe further for her own consumption. Amazingly, she found her skin complexion improved significantly after consuming the collagen jelly for 2 months. This result led to the birth of Dahmeh, with the aim of benefiting more people with this recipe. 

After which, the team consulted Food Innovation & Resource Centre (FIRC), a Singapore government funded institute, to further develop the product manufacturing process. Through this period, they have also successfully refined the collagen jelly from its traditional recipe to one