Top 10 Habits for Better Skincare!

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The Internet is filled with information on how you can improve your skincare. But what is really important is to go back to the basics, which are your daily habits and what we regularly expose your skin to! The truth of the matter is, your habits have a huge influence on your skin and better managing them can greatly improve your skin’s vibrancy and youthfulness. Here are 10 easy habits that you must have!

  • Know Yourself
  • We are constantly swarmed by different brands telling us what products are important for your skin. Truth to be told, what is important is something only you would know! Knowing what your skin needs will help you to prioritise the necessary skincare products that will help you to meet your skincare goals. Stay firm amidst the waves of information and make more informed decisions by understanding yourself first!

  • Stay Committed and Consistent
  • Being committed to your skincare routine is important to see improvements in your skin. Improvements in your skin doesn’t happen overnight, but something that happens with commitment! We live in a time of busyness and staying committed can be difficult. It is also tedious when we have different products that require different usage methods and frequencies. But it doesn’t have to be so! 

    Modern technology has provided us many ways to stay committed. There are apps that give daily and timely reminders, reminding us to use the specific skincare when necessary. These easy and convenient platforms are fun to use and greatly customisable to your preferences!

  • Be Adaptable
  • In different seasons, your skin might have different needs. This can be apparent with age and where you live. Different countries and states have different climates, weather, air quality and humidity. It is important to know how your skin will react to different geographic factors. Even though it can be troublesome, it is crucial to adapt so that you can give the care your skin needs which is definitely worth the effort!

  • Have Adequate Sleep
    Sleep is very important for our physical and mental health, and it is one of the most neglected habits these days. When sleeping, your body repairs and rejuvenates itself. This helps your body to replenish itself with nutrients that your skin needs to stay beautiful. 

  • A lack of sleep puts your body under stress and releases ‘Cortisol’, a stress hormone that puts your skin under damage. This explains the ‘random’ acne and eczema outbreaks when we lack sleep. Having enough sleep of seven to nine hours not only prevents skin damage but also revitalises your skin for the next day!

  • Calm Your Mind
    Having a lack of sleep is not the only thing that produces Cortisol, it happens when we are stressed during the day as well! This is something difficult to manage especially when we have commitments, deadlines on our minds. There are many ways we can alleviate stress that will better our skincare!

  • Yoga, breathing techniques, and exercise are effective ways to reduce stress. For example, exercise produces endorphins which are ‘happy’ hormones that makes your body feel more relaxed and joyful. Exercise also helps to relax and rejuvenate our muscles after hectic days at work.

  • Have A Healthy Diet
    Besides skincare products, a healthy diet brings multiple benefits to your skin. Some foods have nutrients that help your body take better care of itself. For example, foods like fish, flaxseed, and fish oil has omega-3 fatty acid is a nutrient that improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture. This helps to make your skin maintain its youthfulness.

  • “How important is moisture?”, you might ask. We will be touching on this in the next point!

  • Always Moisturise
    Moisturising plays a huge role in enhancing your skin. It helps your skin to regenerate new cells and perform its role well as the largest organ in the body. 

  • When your skin is dry, it can be prone to bacteria growth and cracks or tearing. It can also lead to negative impacts such as inflammation, eczema, and rash which can take a long time to recover. 

    By moisturising frequently, it helps to prevent nasty and unwanted outbreaks, keeping your skin youthful and rejuvenated!

  • Wear Sunscreen
    UV rays have positive effects on your body! It creates Vitamin D which helps to improve your body’s absorption of calcium which leads to building stronger and healthier bones. However, too much can be detrimental. Long and intensive exposures to the sun can lead to dryness as it depletes moisture and essential oils from our skin. It can also produce freckles and brown spots.

  • When wearing sunscreen, it is important to have one with a good Sun Protector Factor (SPF). The level of SPF you need would depend on the activities you have for the day ahead. It is handy to have a small bottle of sunscreen that you can bring wherever you go. Who knows? You never know when you might need it, so having a small bottle in your bag will help you be ready for the unexpected!

  • Hydrate Always
  • Our skin is a major organ in our body. It requires a healthy amount of water to hydrate and for our skin cells to reproduce. Hydration also helps to keep our skin youthful. Other than moisturising products, water can be another source of moisture.

  • Regularly Clean and Manage Your Sleeping Area
  • It is important to keep your bed area clean! Dirt hidden within the fabric can be detrimental for your skin especially when it has been accumulated over a long time. This is especially for pillows and bolsters as they are in direct contact with your face. Some of us may have sensitive skin that reacts nastily towards dirt and other particles.

    Keeping it clean is one of the basic ways of how you can protect your skin. You can also use a special pillowcase that prevents direct contact. Additionally, pillows with a silk surface are better as cloth can be a harsh material for our face and it traps dirt much easily.